Photo of a self store unit being towed
Photo of a self store unit being delivered to a driveway
Photo of inside a storage unit
Photo of a self store unit
Photo of a self store unit on a driveway
Photo of a self store unit being towed

Moving & storage made simple

The store room is proud to present the largest mobile removals and storage unit in the UK. Measuring 16' long, 7.2' wide and 9' high it offers a capacity of 1030 cubic feet and can be placed at ground level using our unique and fully patented hydraulic lifting system.

Whilst the benefits of self storage sites are numerous one of the negatives we received involved the sheer time and hassle it took to move into a larger sized self storage room of 100-200sq ft.

A typical example of this would involve finding, hiring, picking up and driving of a large van. It would then take 2 people up to 3 hours to load the van before driving it to the self storage site. Once there, the reverse process takes place, as you unload the van into your room which, if you are lucky, will hopefully be near the front door and not upstairs! Loading and unloading twice is obviously time consuming and physically demanding but it also increases the potential of damage and breakage. With the added pressures of getting the van back by the end of the day, traffic problems, and keeping the children happy it's little wonder that tensions get a bit high. Finally, to add to the enjoyment, the whole process has to be repeated when you need your possessions back!!

So, we set out to solve this problem and the store room take away was born. Quite simply we bring the self storage room to you, when you want it, and pick it up when you have filled it. When you want it back we'll bring it back to you. It's that easy...

Benefits of using the store room take away:

  1. No need to hire or drive a van
  2. Store your possessions in less than half the time
  3. Delivered direct to your door when you want it
  4. Your unit is kept level at all times due to our unique hydraulic system
  5. Placed flat on your driveway so no heavy lifting
  6. Take as long as you need to fill your unit no need to take the day off work
  7. Your unit is fully alarmed and connected to your mobile phone
  8. Your unit has lights inside and an easy to use roller shutter
  9. Free use of a sack truck, heavy duty storage boxes, blankets, hooks and straps
  10. Free delivery of extra packaging materials if required
  11. Your unit will be stored inside one of our secure self storage sites
  12. Our sites have state of the art security with pin controlled access, CCTV and Redcare cover.
  13. Free access to your unit at any time during normal opening times
  14. When you want your unit back 1 call does it all
  15. Exceptional customer service at all times

Benefits of hiring a van and doing it all yourself:

  1. None that we can think of!

Moving house?

The store room take away removal service is the perfect way to move house. Moving house is one of the most stressful times in our lives so why do we try to do it all in one day? With the store room take away removal service you can move house over 7 days and keep the hassle to a minimum allowing you to enjoy moving into your new home (click here to find out more).


Renovating your home can be an exciting experience building an extension or conservatory and planning what you are going to do with all that extra space. With one of our take away units you can make the process so much easier simply load your take away unit and we'll safely store your possessions until your work is complete. Alternatively, since your unit is fully weatherproof and alarmed, you could keep your removal unit at your premises during your renovation, so you have immediate access to your goods when you want them.


Stock room space is vital to maximising sales and running an efficient retail business. Use the mobile storage unit to store excess shop fittings and POS to free up valuable space within your stock room. Or why not use the mobile storage unit as a delivery room and pre retail stock so that it's ready for the shop floor. You could also use it for preparing your SALE and window displays at busy times of the year such as Christmas. By having this extra storage space behind your shop or in your loading bay, you can strip down your main stockroom so that you can maximise sales and ensure health and safety regulations are being followed.

Price guide

At the store room our aim is to make moving and storage simple and our pricing policy is no different. Our quotations are open and honest with no hidden extras and always include VAT. As a guide our storage fees are 50 per week which is the equivalent of a 150sq ft room in the vast majority of self storage sites. Delivery or collection of your unit is approx 75 each time. The only additional costs you may incur would be due to excess mileage similar to what you would spend on fuel if you hired a van. For a more detailed quotation please click here.